About Us


EDDIE'S AUCTION has over eight years' experience working with antiques and works of art in the Greater New York City area. We also run Eddie's Antiques, Gallery 216, 40 West 25th Street in Manhattan. With a specialty in the complicated Chinese Works of Art Market, we have worked hard to keep current with all aspects of the constantly changing International Market in Works of Art.

The items in EDDIE'S AUCTION are all vetted for quality. They are accepted for consignment from family collections, private collectors and high-end dealers.

Our unwavering commitment to the very highest level of quality remains the goal. We've long recognized that matching great works of art and period pieces seamlessly with the collectors interested in consigning or acquiring them, is our sole focus and mission.

What sets us apart is our established, world-wide customer buying base and over 60 years of knowledge and experience. What makes Eddie’s Auction the difference-maker is that we have our finger firmly on the pulse of all changing market conditions.

We look forward to working with you.